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Hiring / Firing News 6/17/12

Manage absenteeism to boost customer service and productivity EVERY job is important, and every employee doing a job is important to your organization success whether you are in the private, SOE or public sector. We cannot simply dismiss absenteeism with the catch-phrase “no work, no pay” – the “savings” of not paying someone who is […]


Hiring / Firing news 5/28/12

Jetstar accused of hiring underpaid foreign workers Jetstar accused of paying Thai cabin crew half rate Claims crew is owed thousands of dollars Jetstar say they were paid in country of employment JETSTAR is being taken to court for allegedly allowing Thai cabin crew to be paid half the rate of the budget airline’s Australian […]


Hiring / Firing News 5/2/12

‘Hire slowly, fire quickly’ One of my regular guests, Phil Town, author of the book “Rule #1,” has offered us the following advice many times on the show: “Hire slowly, fire quickly.” Training employees is expensive, so if you’re going to go through the effort make sure you’re doing it with the right person (hence, […]