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Stop Calling it Outsourcing – 9/1/12

Stop Calling it Outsourcing Nobody is in the outsourcing business any more than restaurateurs are in the nourishment business. Both are outcomes. No one makes a restaurant choice based upon caloric value alone. That industry is better understood as providing a fine dining experience together with all the constituent elements of atmosphere, presentation, taste, quality, service […]


Cyber Mystery Shops News 12/20/11

Department of Justice sees same holiday scams as last year   Vicki Perry was elated when she opened a letter from Houston Outsourcing Services offering her a job as a mystery shopper. Just for rating the service at some local fast food restaurants, the 59-year-old Corvallis woman was told, she would be paid about $400 […]


Call Center News 12/20/10

Call-centre bill introduced in US, targets overseas job market   HOUSTON: A bipartisan bill has been tabled in the US House of Representatives to make companies that move call centres overseas ineligible for grants or guaranteed loans from the federal government, a move aimed at stemming the tide of jobs heading to nations like India. […]