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Understanding Social Media Marketing In 2012 And Google Panda / Penguin Updates 7/13/12

It is so difficult to keep up with social media marketing in 2012, so much so that even experts are throwing in the towel. Your goal should be, if you want to succeed in business, to maintain a mindset that is proactive and preventative in order to survive. A successful mindset is another way of saying this. The walls should not crash down on you before you do this! Your approach should be to be prepared, and handle all changes speedily and with tact. In a way, it is sort of like chess, where the major players in social media are constantly changing the pieces and rules around. They want innovation and change to route through them, the global monopolist in the social media game.


Subscribers for Your Newsletter – 7/13/12

If your goal is to boost the number of subscribers to your newsletter, then you need to think of new ways to do things. If you limit yourself, you can’t expect to grow. In order to make things happen and actually keep a consistent flow of subscribers to your newsletter, you should take extra initiative. To help you increase your newsletter subscriber numbers, so fairly simple tips that can be easily applied are given in the article below…


Other of Interest 5/8/12

If you have ever tried and failed with on-page optimization and off-page, then you are with a lot of company. That has been true ever since the phrase and practice were invented many years ago. There is a huge amount of content on the net about SEO, but you really must be careful what you take in and use. If you are a Google worshiper, then you will not do any SEO because they do not want it – up to you. No need to go through anguish with SEO or on or off page factors, so you can begin your education right here.