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Hiring / Firing / Privacy News 6/18/12

6 Personal Secrets Your Facebook Profile Isn’t Keeping Even if you’re careful about your Facebook security, very few profiles are truly off-limits, especially if you’ve friended a few of your co-workers along the way. “So what?” You think. “There’s nothing on my Facebook profile that I’m ashamed of.” But are you really sure? You might […]

INFOGRAPHIC - Facebook And Twitter 3/11/12

INFOGRAPHIC – Facebook And Twitter 3/11/12

INFOGRAPHIC: Recruiters Aren’t Using Facebook And Twitter LinkedIn overwhelmingly trumps Facebook and Twitter as the social network recruiters use to search for job candidates, with 48 percent using LinkedIn alone, according to a recent study by Bullhorn, Inc. Facebook is the least-used network by recruiters, although more candidates are looking to use it as a […]