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New Facebook Customer Satisfaction Survey - 10/14/12

New Facebook Customer Satisfaction Survey – 10/14/12

Facebook Conducting Customer-Satisfaction Survey A Facebook customer-satisfaction survey appears to be making the rounds, but this one sticks to the user experience, and doesn’t detour into politics, like a similar effort that was released in error last month. Some Facebook users (including yours truly) are being greeted by a message at the top of their […]

Prisoner Cat Program

Guantanamo plea deal prisoner said to have a cat – 8/23/12

Guantanamo plea deal prisoner said to have a cat SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A former Maryland resident who is detained at Guantanamo Bay seems to have acquired a cat at the isolated prison on a U.S. base in Cuba, a fellow prisoner says in a letter released Friday. Majid Khan has not been […]


Other of Interest 6/15/12

It is obvious that time management is one of those areas that even though you know it is essential, often you will be annoyed by how little you seem to have accomplished on specific days. Once in awhile, you feel overwhelmed and not able to get anything completed due to situations that take away from your tasks. Nonetheless, you can find people that are very productive in spite of all of the obstacles that get thrown at them. The key to their success is they are able to avoid most of the stumbling blocks that the majority of people fall into and as a result they will get more completed in less time. We are going to focus on some of the things that people have to deal with when it comes to time management. I use the majority of these strategies to build my Ambit Energy business.