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Employers Push Health

Employers Push Health – 4/4/13

Companies Get Strict on Health of Workers Employers are increasingly trying to lower health care costs by using incentives to persuade workers to make better lifestyle choices, a new survey shows, but what remains less clear is whether a reward is better than a punishment — or whether the programs work at all. The survey, […]


Employee Social Media Policies – 12/2/12

More Employers Creating Social Media Policies for the Workplace As social media use continues to overlap more fluidly between the personal sphere and the business world, more employers are writing dedicated social media polices, and many are also monitoring employee use of social media sites at work, according to a new survey. The data comes […]


Customer Service Evaluation News 2/11/12

Employers feel no love for unscrupulous practice of ‘service sweethearting’   A new study led by two Florida State University marketing professors finds that some frontline service employees who are rewarded for hikes in customer loyalty and satisfaction also may engage in “service sweethearting,” a clandestine practice that costs their employers billions of dollars annually […]