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Other of Interest 5/28/12

Most businesses love the thought of getting new customers walking in the door every day and returning constantly for more of what they experienced the first time. However, most businesses don’t really understand what it takes to get that effect. Let’s look at the company called “10 Bellevue.” 10 Bellevue performs face-to-face sales and customer service for Fortune 500 companies. These companies hire 10 Bellevue to go out and meet their customers in person. Why do they do that? Three reasons: It increases brand loyalty, customer service, and quantity and quality of sales. I wouldn’t recommend hiring 10 Bellevue to do the sales for you, unless you have a pretty big budget, but you can sure take a lesson and go out and put a face to your company’s name! Whether you have a ton of customers (who may eventually leave) or you don’t have enough, meeting with folks will never harm your business.