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A Scandalous Lack of Privacy

A Scandalous Lack of Privacy – 11/25/12

What The Petraeus Scandal Tells Us About Our Own Privacy Vulnerabilities In The Digital Age. A powerful man sleeping with a younger woman outside the bounds of matrimony may not be uncommon, but when revealed, it inevitably produces a scandal. In the case of the adultery revelations about former CIA Director David Petraeus, however, the […]

Website Traffic Tracking and Consumer Deception

Website Traffic Tracking and Consumer Deception – 10/28/12

Market Research Firm ‘Compete’ Settles With FTC Over Consumer Deception     Compete, Inc., the Web market research firm that keeps track of website traffic and recently worked with Twitter to measure the impact of Twitter political advertisements on donations, settled with the FTC on Monday over charges that Compete intentionally deceived consumers into downloading tracking software […]


Other of Interest 5/16/12

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