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Non-Call Channels now One Third of Customer Service

Non-Call Channels Now 1/3 Of Customer Service – 2/7/13

Social Media Control Damage In Call Centers Social media will have a deeper role in damage control to raise customer satisfaction, and probably recommendations, as call centers shift into contact centers that integrate email, the Internet, and other sources, according to the Call Center Satisfaction Index (CCSI) of customer satisfaction analytics firm CFI Group. Released at […]

Technology's Call Center War VS Fraud

Technology’s Call Center War VS Fraud – 1/13/13

How Emerging Technology Fights Fraud in the Call Center To battle innovative attacks on call centers, enterprises and IT outsourcing service providers are looking to technologies like voice biometrics and behavioral analytics. As companies have gotten better at detecting and preventing online fraud in recent years, would-be criminals have redirected their efforts to the corporate […]

Philippine Prison Call Centers

Philippine Prison Call Centers? – 11/5/12

Philippines eyeing prison call centers The Philippines is launching an initiative that could soon see call centers being set up in prisons and run by inmates. The move is a program, dubbed BILIB I.T., that aims to give convicts new skills to raise their chances of employment and reintegrating back into society upon release, according […]


Call Center News 3/25/12

T-Mobile cuts 7 call centers   T-Mobile cuts 7 call centers Three months after federal regulators shot down a proposed merger with AT&T, the telephone giant T-Mobile USA Inc. announced plans last week to shut down seven of its 24 call centers. T-Mobile will keep open its 600-employee center in Chattanooga and may add more […]


Call Center News 12/16/2011

Who Protects Info You Give To Offshored Call Centers? —  by Dave Johnson   Companies are always looking for ways to reduce the number of people they employ, and for ways to reduce the pay and benefits for the ones they keep. One way they have been doing this is to send jobs out of […]