The Health Plan Marketplace in Ohio – how did the ACA boil down for Ohio for 2014? (Video)

The Health Plan Marketplace in Ohio – how did the ACA boil down for Ohio for 2014?

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Now that you have had a little time to warm up to this new health insurance marketplace, it’s about time we find out what plans you should give the time of day. With every major health insurance company in Ohio rolling out a completely new lineup of plans to meet the mandates and regulations under the Affordable Care Act, such drastic changes can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry, this list is going to be pretty short.

All of those mandates and regulations have left most health insurance companies putting forth a half-hearted effort in offering you coverage that’s worth your hard earned money (subsidy or not).

Because of that, you will notice this list is very lopsided (exclusive) to one health insurance company.

1. Medical Mutual: Market HSA (Health Savings Account) 2000 – Gold
2. Medical Mutual Market Classic 1000 – Gold
3. Medical Mutual: Market HSA 6000 – Bronze

Medical Mutual’s Market Classic 2000 – Silver

Before we go any further, no this isn’t a list of 6,350 complaints about the new Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance plans. It is however the sum of one major reason these new plans took a step in the wrong direction.

That number, 6,350, is the dollar limit the ACA put on all health insurance policy’s maximum out-of-pocket for a single person. It’s $12,700 for a family (two or more people).


If you’re unfamiliar, the maximum out-of-pocket is the total amount of money you would have to pay for covered, in-network medical treatment during the calendar year.

That’s $350 higher than the highest Health Savings Account deductible available prior to “Health Care Reform.”

The worst part about all this? It shows up on almost every plan.

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