Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Continues To Fall

New report shows a drop in satisfaction with Microsoft

Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Continues To FallEver since Redmond-based Microsoft introduced their latest operating system, Windows 8, there has been much grumbling about the radical change, confusion on how to find your way around on the new system and bad promotion. With all that it was no surprise that when the May ACSI (American customer satisfaction index) report came out today that customer satisfaction with the Redmond-based company went down. The drop wasn’t all bad news for the Redmond-based software giant.

“It seems clear that the release of Windows 8 did not give Microsoft a significant bump, as the release of Windows 7 did, nor did it dramatically lower customer satisfaction in a rather short time frame, as the release of Vista did,” David VanAmburg, director of ACSI, said in an email reply to questions Tuesday.

Even though Microsoft dropped down to 74 out of 100 it is still one point higher 2006 the Spring before the disappointing Windows Vista was released. Or course the reason for that could be attributed to the fact that Windows 7 had their satisfaction rating up to 78 in 2011before dropping down to 75 last year after Windows 8 came out for beta testing. Taking this into consideration the drop caused by Windows 8 could very well be equal to the drop caused by Vista. The questions this brings up are: Is Windows 8 seen as much of a disappointment as Windows Vista? Will these number reverse themselves after the 8.1 update comes out later this year?

“One of the issues with PC software appears to be that there is less of it out there now,” VanAmburg said today. “While productivity software remains in demand — Office, TurboTax, Acrobat — with so many households that own PCs relying more and more on their tablets, smartphones and gaming systems for entertainment and recreation, the range of PC software may be shrinking, not a welcome sign for diehards [who are] still very loyal to the traditional PC.”

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