Stats – Education Employees – US

Teacher Salaries: Everything You Wanted To Know

The US Census Bureau recently released data and an associated infographic that explores education workers in the US and their salaries. Since there’s always a lot of hubbub about how much teachers make (or don’t make, as the complaint usually goes), this offers some interesting insight into how many teachers are out there and how much they’re really making. Keep reading to find out more.


  • Education workers account for 57% of all state and local government employees (that’s 11.1 million education workers)
  • 48% of those workers are elementary and secondary instructors (that’s 5,328,000 teachers)
  • The average monthly pay for an education worker in 2011 was $4,278. (or $51,336 yearly)
  • California and New Jersey boast the highest paid education workers.
  • In ten states, the average monthly wages for an education worker are under $3,499

Stats - Education Employees – US