Taxi Mystery Shopping – 1/30/12

TRANSAD Reveals Results of Mystery Shoppers using taxi booking system 600 535353 Call Center

96% of Mystery shoppers Received Taxi with less than 10 minutes

Taxi Mystery ShoppingAbu Dhabi, 14 January 2013: The Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (TransAD) today revealed the results of ‘Mystery Shoppers’ booking taxis in the capital using the call center number 600 53 53 53. This initiative is part of efforts to promote sustainable development, improve quality of service and enhance transportation experience.

According to the results, mystery shoppers conducted 180 calls in 2012, compared with 60 calls last year. The total number of inspection visits by mystery shoppers during 2012 was 1,499 visits and the results showed an improvement of 5%compared with the first quarter and last quarters of 2012. In addition, the results revealed that 96% of mystery shoppers who requested a taxi over the phone got their taxi in less than 10 minutes.

TransAD’s Mystery Shoppers project is a process of regular assessment to improve the overall functioning and operations of taxi services in Abu Dhabi. The Mystery Shopper’ journey starts when they contact the call center on 600 53 53 53 or through taxi roaming (roadside or shopping malls). The evaluation of call center employees and drivers are measured via several criteria, including response time and accuracy of information provided. The evaluation is also based on taxi cleanliness, dents and scratches, efficiency of lighting and air-conditioning, drivers’ personal hygiene, how staff and drivers deal with customers and familiarity with locations including major tourist attractions.


As soon as the mystery shopper completes the evaluation process, results are logged and certified by project team members. The mystery shoppers’ reports are continuously reviewed by taxi operators, and then action plans are put in place for immediate action.

Mr. Yousef Abdullah Al Madani, Director of Call Center and Customer Service said,’ Our Mystery Shopper project, launched in June 2011, was designed to enhance performance levels and service quality to international standards. Project results have been encouraging, for example this year we have achieved 4% improvement rate in the call center results for the fourth quarter compared to the same period 2011.


With regard to training and honoring staff and drivers, Mr. Al Madani continued, ‘Sixty employees from franchisee companies have been trained in customer service excellence, in addition other 60 employees have attended workshops about the important role of the Mystery Shopper. The center also honored 12 drivers in 2012, three in each quarter, while any driver exceeding an assessment rate of 95% is honored by the taxi operator (franchisee).

On the subject of customers complaints, Mr. Al Madani commented, ‘Complaints and suggestions given by the public are incentives for the center to focus on progress and improvements. All suggestions and complaints are taken into consideration and analyzed, and then drivers reinvestigated. If any driver found guilty, he is fined or suspended for a certain period based on the approved policies.

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