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Customer Satisfaction Doesn’t Equal Fairness

Customer Satisfaction Doesn’t Equal Fairness – 12/30/12

Stop Assuming Your Good Customer Satisfaction Scores Indicate Fairness Financial institutions rely on customer satisfaction scores, net promoter scores, complaint monitoring and risk assessments to judge whether they are meeting consumer needs. Success is assumed when high scores on internal surveys or surveys conducted by outside firms like J.D. Power & Associates or the American […]

Employee Monitoring Survey

Employee Monitoring Survey – 12/30/12

This is Your Wakeup Call on Employee Privacy With social networking and other electronic communications making employees’ actions and attitudes more visible than ever to employers, it’s clear that a big change in the relationship between work and private life is well underway. Yet little research has been undertaken to understand organizations’ use of that […]

Corporate Social Networking Liability?

Corporate Social Networking Liability? – 12/30/12

The Risks And Liabilities From Corporate Social Networking   Social media has quickly become an important medium and communication channel for companies and organizations. Its growth, in fact, has arguably been faster than the general understanding of its power, potential, reach and risks, and certainly faster than the oversight and regulations available today to protect […]

Legal Recommendations to Comply with CPSIA and FSMA

Legal Recommendations to Comply with CPSIA and FSMA – 12/30/12

How to implement safe measures for food and consumer products Recommendations for navigating two new regulatory measures aimed at improving safety The past five years have seen two historic updates to longstanding regulatory regimes, both aimed at improving safety. We all want the food we eat and the products we encounter to be harmless, and […]

Food Safety Headlines 2012

Food Safety Headlines 2012 – 12/30/12

Top Ten Most Important Food Safety Stories of 2012 Like yesterday’s Reader’s Choices, the stories that drove Food Safety News’ readership to new heights, the Top Ten is a way of reviewing all that’s occurred during the past year. What we think is important and what you, the reader, want to read in large numbers is […]

RIM's PlayBook surprises in sales and customer satisfaction

RIM’s Playbook Surprises – 12/23/12

RIM’s PlayBook surprises in sales and customer satisfaction The company’s latest figures show that the much criticized tablet is not only selling well but that most owners are more than satisfied with its performance. When RIM published its quarterly earnings report this week, there was one surprising number: 255,000, the total of PlayBook tablets it […]

We Don't Need More Data Scientist - Just Make Big Data Easier To Use

Big Data vs Ease Of Use – 12/23/12

We Don’t Need More Data Scientist – Just Make Big Data Easier To Use Virtually any article today about big data inevitably turns to the notion that the country is suffering from a crucial shortage of data scientists. A much-talked-about 2011 McKinsey & Co. survey pointed out that many organizations lack both the skilled personnel needed […]

Part Time VS Full Time Employees

Part Time vs. Full Time Employees – Pros & Cons – 12/23/12

The workforce structure debate of 2013: part time vs. full time As 2012 draws to a close and we begin looking toward 2013, there’s one theme already bubbling to the surface: limited-service restaurants (LSR) will be evaluating their workforce structures next year. Every healthy business looks at their staffing approach from time to time, but […]

Call Center Outsource to Gain A Cultural Edge

Call Center Outsource to Gain A Cultural Edge – 12/23/12

Call Centers Get Savvy for 2013 In the past, contact centers got a bad rap for being cost centers. So it’s not surprising that outsourcing decisions were largely based on costs savings. Fast forward to 2013, and we see a lot of changes. Contact centers are now essential to winning over customers, boosting sales and, […]

Atypical Indian BPO

Atypical Indian BPO

The Culture Shock of India’s Call Centers Five students in business casual and the two authors in board shorts were crammed into a small classroom in Southern Bangalore.  It was one of those cubicle classrooms, surrounded by three just like it, with a small whiteboard on one end and the teacher sitting at a desk […]

Student Loan Crisis Infographic

Student Loan Crisis Infographic – 12/7/12

US Student Loan Debt  

How and What to Benchmark

How and What to Benchmark – 12/16/12

It’s time to take stock as the year ends Part of your end-of-year routine should be to take stock. What did you learn in 2012? How will you make 2013 better? This is a form of benchmarking. Comparing yourself to yourself, and to others, and looking for ways to do better. Top performing firms do […]

Price checking / Showrooming

Price checking / Showrooming – 12/16/12

Retailers embrace price-checking shoppers Many holiday shoppers this year are carrying powerful bargain-hunting tools: smartphones or tablets. With instant price-checking apps, smartphones have spawned a trend called showrooming. That’s what happens when a shopper visits a store to try a product and then uses the phone or tablet to find the best price online. A […]

Employee Monitoring Types

Employee Monitoring Types – 12/16/12

9 Ways Your Employer Can Legally Spy On You I’ve always said that Florida is the center of weirdness in the universe, so it came as no surprise to me that the recent story about a voyeur who installed a spy camera in the ladies’ room at work, allegedly to make sure his co-workers were doing their […]

When tech goes wrong: Worst science projects ever

Worst Science Projects Ever – 12/16/12

When tech goes wrong: Worst science projects ever Even the most august universities and private laboratories aren’t above chucking cash into the toilet to calculate exactly what weight of tenners will float… Scientific research has brought us an understanding of DNA and atomic science, among other great things. But for every great discovery, there’s invariably […]

When tech goes wrong

When Tech Goes Wrong – 12/16/12

Man who wins $57m on slot machine told it’s a software error, offered $100 A Swiss slot machine player is about to launch a lawsuit against a casino company after it refused to pay him $57m in winnings, despite the machine signifying that he’d hit the jackpot. Operators of the Austrian casino claimed the win […]

Demand for Food Safety Products

Demand for Food Safety Products – 12/9/12

Disease outbreaks and recalls to fuel food safety product demand Foodborne illness outbreaks and large product recalls will see demand for food safety products rise 8.4% per year to $18bn in 2016, according to Freedonia. Food processing plants will continue to account for the majority of the market but dairy and beverage sectors will also […]

Banks prefer Sales, not Customers

Banks prefer Sales, not Customers – 12/9/12

Bank Staff ‘Under Pressure To Sell’, Which? Says Staff at Britain’s largest banks remain under pressure to sell products to customers, often regardless of whether they are appropriate, an investigation claims. Two thirds of bank staff with a sales role said there is now “more pressure than ever” to meet their targets, according to a […]

911 Help by Text

911 Help by Text – 12/9/12

Text-to-911 service to be available nationwide in 2014 Citizens in danger across the country will be able to text distress calls to 911 by May 2014, following an agreement with the nation’s four largest wireless carriers, the Federal Communications Commission has announced. Major deployments of the text-to-911 service should be available through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile […]

Customer Retention & The Buying Process

Customer Retention & The Buying Process – 12/9/12

Pursuing Excellence: What Every Loan Officer Needs to Know In my 28 years in mortgage lending, it’s been my observation that skilled mortgage professionals make it a priority to be students of their profession. From my own career to training some of our industry’s top earning loan officers, it’s readily apparent, they have a continual […]

Utility Call Center – First-call Resolution, Average Handle Time

Utility Call Center – First-call Resolution, Average Handle Time

Greatest Myths Series: The Best Call Center Metric As part of an ongoing series of exploring the myths of utility customer service, it is important to explore popular utility call center metrics of first-call resolution and average handle time (AHT). Many professionals hail first-call resolution the best metric although it’s a relatively new metric. AHT, […]

Creative Injunctive Relief

Creative Injunctive Relief – 12/9/12

Court orders monitoring to ensure employee does not breach non-compete A U.S. District Judge in Connecticut recently issued an injunction against a former employee of Amphenol Corp and his new employer, TE Connectivity, Ltd, despite the lack of any evidence of competition in breach of his non-compete agreement.  The decision in Amphenol v Paul, Civ. No. 3:12cv543 (D. Conn. Nov. […]

Software Satisfaction Rankings

Software Satisfaction Rankings – 12/9/12

Sneak Peek: 2012 Software LeaderBoard The question isn’t who is responsible for customer satisfaction in an organization, it is who is responsive. And the answer is everyone. Or at least it should be, because customer satisfaction is too critical to be delegated. It needs to be ingrained. See which software vendors do it well. See […]

Service the Internal Customer

Service the Internal Customer – 12/9/12

What’s your employee satisfaction policy? One of the most popular phrases in customer service today is “customer centricity.” This means that everything a company does, every system or process on which the business relies, has the customer in mind. A customer-centric organization wins because the customer is given a preeminent position within the organizational model. […]

Increase Satisfaction by Eliminating Middlemen?

Increase Satisfaction by Eliminating Middlemen? – 12/9/12

KURU Footwear Increases Customer Satisfaction Through a Pure-play, Web-driven Model By cutting out the middleman found in more traditional retail distribution models, KURU maintains has significantly improved customer satisfaction with their customers. The company, a web driven footwear brand that only sells through their website, has allowed the nascent brand to offer a significantly improved […]

FTC Warning on Hidden Hotel Fees

FTC Warning on Hidden Hotel Fees – 12/9/12

Hotels Warned on Hidden Fee Scams “We believe that online hotel reservation sites should include in the quoted total price any unavoidable and mandatory fees, such as resort fees, that consumers will be charged to stay at the hotel. While a hotel reservation site may breakdown the components of the reservation estimate (e.g., room rate, […]

Bank Customer Anonymised Data

Bank Customer Anonymised Data – 12/9/12

Banks, customer loyalty, anonymisation & the single customer view Financial services sector head John Salmon brings you insight and analysis on what really matters in the world of financial services. Research published by Ctrl-Shift last week highlighted that retail banks need to do more in terms of strategy when it comes to customer loyalty. The […]

Cable Company Insights

Cable Company Insights – 12/9/12

10 things cable companies won’t tell you 1. “Customers are fed up with us.” Cable giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable ranked among the top-ten most hated companies in America in 2012 (coming in fourth and seventh), according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which rates companies based on surveys. Cable customers have no shortage […]

Mystery Shopping Education

Mystery Shopping Education – 12/9/12

The Customer Is Always Right The Female Offender: Girls, Women, and Crime is an unusual library request for Mandy Watts, a third-year physical therapy doctoral student at Marymount University. She has limited interest in either criminology or women’s studies, but that’s what brought her to the library’s help desk on November 9. After a pleasant […]

Gallup Keeping Double Records

Gallup Keeping Double Records – 12/2/12

Justice Department suit: Gallup made $13 million in false claims The U.S. Justice Department sued the Gallup Organization on Wednesday, saying the company submitted $13 million in false claims to federal agencies by inflating the cost of work it would provide under contracts. Gallup attorney William Kruse said he couldn’t comment on the details of […]

Lack of Humility and Fear of Public Misunderstandings Led to Fukushima Accident

Nuclear Disaster Due to Lack of Humility – 12/2/12

Lack of Humility and Fear of Public Misunderstandings Led to Fukushima Accident TOKYO—Speaking to a visiting committee of American experts, a Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) official conceded that the root causes of the Fukushima nuclear disaster stemmed from a lack of humility in anticipating the full effects of natural disasters and a reluctance to […]

AT&T's Winning Streak Rated Worst in Customer Satisfaction Three Years Running

ATT vs. Verizon – 12/2/12

AT&T’s “Winning” Streak: Rated Worst in Customer Satisfaction Three Years Running However, AT&T’s 4G network ranked best by Consumer Reports Each year, Consumer Reports ranks all manner of U.S. wireless carriers based on customer satisfaction in a number of different categories. AT&T ranked dead last in the customer satisfaction survey for the third year in […]


Employee Social Media Policies – 12/2/12

More Employers Creating Social Media Policies for the Workplace As social media use continues to overlap more fluidly between the personal sphere and the business world, more employers are writing dedicated social media polices, and many are also monitoring employee use of social media sites at work, according to a new survey. The data comes […]

Bogus Business Opportunities - 12/2/12

Bogus Business Opportunities – 12/2/12

Feds target bogus web businesses   Three U.S. agencies and a group of state attorneys general have filed more than 70 civil and criminal cases against defendants offering allegedly bogus business opportunities, with some of the defendants offering to help customers set up online businesses. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, […]

incentives for good service

Forced Evaluations, It Affects Us All – 12/2/12

Giving incentives for good service IT DOESN’T TAKE much to turn someone off a place. Sometimes just one bad experience at a motel or restaurant is enough to put a bad taste in someone’s mouth for years. And they tell their friends. It’s why tourism organizations have been pushing customer service training and why Ontario’s […]