The Call Center Game Changers – 11/25/12

Call Center Corporation Announces the Inception of the Call Center Game Changers Daily Article Dispatch

The Call Center Game ChangersMany companies are considering adding an inbound campaign to an already existing outbound call center or some already have an inbound campaign and need ways to improve. Good news, the experts at th? Call Center Corporation are starting a daily dispatch entitled, “Call Center Game Changers” that is meant to inform on hot call center topics, as well as engage organizations in the call center industry.

Steve Bederman, CEO of th? Call Center Corporation and a well-known call center technology leader is excited about his company’s new email venture. Bederman stated that, “we see ourselves as having a responsibility to the industry to not only offer the lowest prices and the highest quality, but also to learn and share what we’ve discovered.” He went on to say that, “I myself and my team of professionals have learned a lot throughout our 15 plus years in this industry and want to share the knowledge we have gathered and are currently gathering to improve the industry.”

He knows that sharing valuable tips, tricks and articles will not only help th? Call Center Corporation grow and prosper, but will also allow keep other organizations up to date and allow them to do the same.

In the next coming week, get ready to learn and be on the lookout for the Call Center Game Changers messages every day.

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