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Google’s #freeandopen infographic shows what could be threatened by increased internet controls

Google’s freeandopen Infographic – 11/25/12

Google’s freeandopen Infographic Shows What Could Be Threatened By Increased Internet Controls In its campaign against granting more control over the internet’s governance to the United Nation’s ITU body Google has released this infographic. The infographic shows the growth of the internet over the past forty years under current governance mechanisms.  Google is resisting what some […]

How Secure Are You On Cyber Monday

How Secure Are You On Cyber Monday – 11/25/12

How Online Retail Businesses Stay Secure On Cyber Monday Now that Turkey Day is finally passed, it’s time to fix yourself a Thanksgiving Sandwich and fire up the old computer to snag the latest deals on one of the fastest-growing shopping holidays around, Cyber Monday. The National Retail Federation estimates that more than half of […]

A Scandalous Lack of Privacy

A Scandalous Lack of Privacy – 11/25/12

What The Petraeus Scandal Tells Us About Our Own Privacy Vulnerabilities In The Digital Age. A powerful man sleeping with a younger woman outside the bounds of matrimony may not be uncommon, but when revealed, it inevitably produces a scandal. In the case of the adultery revelations about former CIA Director David Petraeus, however, the […]

Frustrations of a call center worker

Frustrations Of A Call Center Worker – 11/25/12

The Call Center Employee Or The Company Dear Readers: This holiday season when you’re tempted to scream at a customer service worker in a call center, try to refocus your frustration on the corporation instead. Sasha T. of Chicago explains why: “I was one of those call center employees, working for a major telecommunications company. […]

The Call Center Game Changers

The Call Center Game Changers – 11/25/12

Call Center Corporation Announces the Inception of the Call Center Game Changers Daily Article Dispatch Many companies are considering adding an inbound campaign to an already existing outbound call center or some already have an inbound campaign and need ways to improve. Good news, the experts at th? Call Center Corporation are starting a daily […]

Food Is A Big Business

What Is Good for Consumers Is Good for Business – 11/25/12

Food Is A Big Business Food is a hot topic these days (no pun intended). Take, for instance, the recent election — on the ballot were hotly contested initiatives on mandatory labeling for genetically modified foods (California’s Prop 37) and two different initiatives taxing sugary drinks and sodas (Measure N — Richmond, CA and Measure […]

Percentage of Businesses following Employees Tweets

Percentage of Businesses following Employees Tweets – 11/25/12

More companies are tracking workers’ tweets Even if you don’t follow your boss on Twitter, he or she may be following you. Although the number of companies that feel favorably about social media is growing, more employers are monitoring employees on sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn, according to a new report on social media […]

Why Humility Is Attractive And Why Arrogance Is Not

Types of Elevator Pitches – 11/17/12

Why Humility Is Attractive And Why Arrogance Is Not If your elevator pitch is like most, it’s actually repelling people who could become friends, customers, or colleagues. Earlier this month, I went to a private dinner/event hosted by a friend who is a best-selling author. Twenty people from various industries attended. After some initial mingling, […]

Will Buying Debt to Forgive Debtors Create Contributions to Purchase and Forgive More Debt

Will Buying Debt to Forgive Debtors Create Contributions to Purchase and Forgive More Debt – 11/17/12

Why Occupy’s Plan To Cancel Consumer Debts Is Brilliant A new initiative is re-energising the Occupy movement. Called the Rolling Jubilee, it is a plan to use money from donations to buy distressed consumer debt from lenders at a marked down price, just as debt collection agencies normally would. But instead of hounding debtors for […]

What Holiday Shopping Scams Might Look Like

What Holiday Shopping Scams Might Look Like – 11/17/12

McAfee Warns Consumers of the “12 Scams of Christmas” as 70% of Americans Plan to Shop Online During the 2012 Holiday Season McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security technology company, today released findings from the company’s 2012 Holiday Shopping Study. The study, conducted online among over 2,300 U.S. adults by Harris Interactive, investigates the online […]

Redfin Refunds More than $100 Million to Customers; Reaches $8 Billion in Home Sales

Save on Real Estate Fees – 11/17/12

Redfin Refunds More than $100 Million to Customers; Reaches $8 Billion in Home Sales Amid Housing Market’s Slow but Steady Recovery, Brokerage Writes Next Chapter in Reinventing Real Estate for Consumers During a time when home sales fell to a third of their 2005 peak, Redfin has grown faster than any other large-scale brokerage. Across […]

Online Polling Accuracy

Online Polling Accuracy 2012 Election – 11/17/12

A Telling Victory for Online Polling (and Tech Adoption) Like YouTube in 2006 and Facebook in 2008, 2012 will go down as the year that online polling joined telephone polling as part of our electoral process. This victory for online technology wasn’t a foregone conclusion. The criticisms leveled at online polls, especially before this election […]

Small Business Banking Rankings

Small Business Banking Rankings – 11/17/12

J.D. Power Ranks Small-Business Banking Small business banking customers, and the economic catalyst that they represent, are not having their expectations fully met by their bank, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 U.S. Small Business Banking Satisfaction Study released (Friday). While overall satisfaction among small business banking customers averages 736 (on a 1,000-point […]

BofA $1 Billion Whistleblower Also Faced Fraud Claims

Bank Of America (Bofa) 1 Billion Dollar Lawsuit, Has A Twist AboutThe Whistleblower – 11/10/12

BofA $1 Billion Whistleblower Also Faced Fraud Claims The whistle-blower helping the U.S. government mount a $1 billion fraud lawsuit against Bank of America Corp. (BAC) was himself accused of fraud by an investor in a financing company he co-founded, and now works at Fannie Mae (FNMA), one of two entities he claims the bank […]

Obamacare Displaces Patient Safety in Hospital CEO Priorities

Obamacare Displaces Patient Safety in Hospital CEO Priorities – 11/10/12

Where hospital CEOs’ concerns lie What are the top three concerns among hospital CEOs? Most people would feel confident saying patient safety and quality was a top concern; however it wasn’t selected from among the list of categories. According to an American College of Healthcare Executives study, the three topics that hospital CEOs said were […]

Compliance Failure Costs

Compliance Failure Costs – 11/10/12

MoneyGram Reaches Agreement with U.S. Authorities DALLAS, Nov 09, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — MoneyGram International, Inc., a leading global payment services company, announced today that it has reached a settlement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania (“MDPA”) and the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section of the Criminal Division of […]

Ideas for e-commerce to Increase Customer Retention - 11/10/12

Ideas for e-commerce to Increase Customer Retention – 11/10/12

21 ways online retailers can improve customer retention rates Understanding how to retain the customers that you have spent money acquiring is vital for any online business.  Attracting a new customer can cost five times as much as keeping an existing one, so companies need to pay as much attention to retention as they do […]

Mystery Shops Improve Response to Initial Inquiries

Mystery Shops Improve Response to Initial Inquiries – 11/10/12

Mystery Shop Service Yields “Gigantic” Lead Conversion Rate Increase Some of the senior living providers using A Place for Mom’s mystery shopping services in the past three years have seen their conversion rates jump 40%, according to Sean Kell, the CEO of the nation’s largest senior care referral service. While there are many factors that […]

Creating Client Surveys

Creating Client Surveys – 11/10/12

Consider These Best Survey Practices   We’ve all received customer feedback requests in one form or another. It could be at the end of a call to the cable company to rate the service provided or an email to rate your recent online purchase. Do you like completing these evaluations? In most cases, the answer […]

How Call Recording Can Help Your Business Grow

Benefits of Call Recordings Review – 11/10/12

How Call Recording Can Help Your Business Grow   The new wave of digital call recording software has evolved to make it easier for your business to assess the quality of your call center and customer service representatives. It enables you to analyze individual telephone encounters as well as call patterns and meta data. Utilizing […]

Social Media Gone Wrong, Who's The Target?

Social Media Gone Wrong, Who’s The Target? – 11/10/12

Not All Social Media is Good Social Media Many companies are working hard to explore and nurture new ways to communicate with their prospects and customers using social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. But for some businesses, the customer and media attention they’re getting on these social networks isn’t exactly what they […]

The iPhone Fails Agian

The iPhone Fails Again – 11/10/12

Five reasons iPhone 5 disappoints A new iPhone is Apple’s chance to drive competitors nuts, to take technological innovation to new heights and to leave the stage with a justified smug look, but as the dust settles from yesterday’s launch event the new handset feels dated already. The Cupertino, Calif.-based corporation should smash the competition to […]

Hungry for Income, Banks Flirt With Payday Lending

FDIC and CFPB scrutinize Bank Payday Lending – 11/5/12

Hungry for Income, Banks Flirt With Payday Lending Seeking new income after federal rules limited fees from overdrafts and debit cards, Wells Fargo (WFC), U.S. Bancorp (USB), and other big banks are pitching short-term, high-cost loans that resemble the payday loans more commonly offered by strip-mall storefront operations. At least five banks are offering the […]

Facial Recognition Guidelines

FTC Facial Recognition Guidelines – 11/5/12

FTC Recommends Best Practices for Companies That Use Facial Recognition Technologies Companies Using the Technologies Should Design Services with Consumer Privacy in Mind The Federal Trade Commission today released a staff report “Facing Facts: Best Practices for Common Uses of Facial Recognition Technologies” for the increasing number of companies using facial recognition technologies, to help […]

Customer experience as a measure of startup success

How Do You Measure Startup Success? – 11/5/12

Customer experience as a measure of startup success Factors like quality of founders, uniqueness of the product or service, market size, unit economics, current traction, risk factors, etc., are part of the evaluation framework necessary to analyse this. Entrepreneurs I meet always have full conviction that their ventures are going to become hugely successful and […]

Balance of Power Infographic

Amazing, Interactive, Political Balance of Power Infographic – 11/5/12

Political Balance of Power Infographic Check out this great Infographic here

New York Call Center Offshoring Legislation

New York Call Center Offshoring Legislation – 11/5/12

CWA, Tkaczyk knock Amedore on call center offshoring Senate Democratic candidate Cecilia Tkaczyk rallied outside the local headquarters of Verizon (across from the Capitol) at noon Wednesday along with members of the Communications Workers of America, plus progressive advocates Karen Scharff of Citizen Action and Mike Kink of Strong Economy for All. All participants knocked […]

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control – 11/5/12

True Quality Assurance in an Agile World Quality Assurance is not just about testing a system. The role of QA on an agile team is much greater than that, elevating the QA engineer to a god among men. I admit it: I’m thinking this is going to be an easy column to write because it […]

Philippine Prison Call Centers

Philippine Prison Call Centers? – 11/5/12

Philippines eyeing prison call centers The Philippines is launching an initiative that could soon see call centers being set up in prisons and run by inmates. The move is a program, dubbed BILIB I.T., that aims to give convicts new skills to raise their chances of employment and reintegrating back into society upon release, according […]

Newsroom Diversity

Infographic – Newsroom Diversity – 11/5/12

Infographic: The Enormous Racial Gap in Political Reporting A stunning 93 percent of front-page election news stories are written by white reporters. (Ed Note: As discussed below, the SF Chronicle has the worst record of racial diversity in political reporting of any paper in the U.S.—100% of articles written by whites) Birtherism. Immigration reform. Jeremiah […]

Polling – Now more Difficult

Polling – Now more Difficult – 11/5/12

Pollsters find their work getting more difficult As the election approaches, it’s not only candidates who face a reckoning. Pollsters, too, confront a moment of truth. The close election could leave many calling the wrong winner. On a recent day, six national polls reported new results. Four had former Gov. Mitt Romney leading; two had […]

Disabled people mystery shop in Dungannon

Mystery Shop to test Disability Access – 11/5/12

Disabled people mystery shop in Dungannon WILLOWBANK Resource Centre in partnership with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council NISCC are just completing a year long programme of initiatives as part of a Skills for care pilot “Only a footstep away” The pilot was part of a wider pilot across NI, England Scotland and Wales and […]

Mystery Shopper Basildon

Mystery Shops Compare Tech Stores – 11/5/12

Mystery Shopper: Basildon   We sent our intrepid Mystery Shopper to look for network accessible storage devices, preferably with the hard drive included and a budget of £100 – £120. 5/10 This store was very bright and spacious, made more obvious by the lack of employees. After a few minutes searching, I spotted two employees […]