Telemarketing Mistakes – 9/8/12

4 Fabulous Mistakes Committed In Telemarketing Campaigns

4 Fabulous Mistakes Committed In Telemarketing CampaignsB2b telemarketing is a marketing method that has been used by marketers for the longest time. You’d think that they have already mastered the art of telemarketing by this time; however, that isn’t at all the case. A lot of b2b marketers still commit fabulously embarrassing telemarketing mistakes when they have telemarketing campaigns in their quest to find qualified b2b sales leads for their company. Here are just 4 of the most common mistakes of b2b marketers when doing telemarketing:

1.Not scrubbing the telemarketing list.

Scrubbing a telemarketing lists is important, especially when your telemarketing company uses an auto dialer. Unless you regularly scrub your data, you would end up calling b2b leads who have already asked to be put on your Do Not Call list. Even if this was unintentional, and even if you told this to your business leads, they would simply think that you’re lying and trying to turn every number in your list as a sale. You might even end up getting sued for this mistake. An unscrubbed telemarketing list is often simply the result of being too lazy. To avoid this, hire a telemarketing company who actually updates their telemarketing lists regularly, or purchase software that will help you accomplish this task easily.

2. Not verifying the person who answered the phone.

A common mistake of marketers who do telemarketing is that after the introduction, they launch right away into the sales pitch. While this practice might help them capture the attention of their b2b sales leads right away, it leaves out a very important step: verifying the identity of the person who answered the call. For b2b marketers, getting the pitch straight to the right decision maker is important to be able to make a sale. However, compared to the b2c sector, decision makers in the b2b market are often hidden away behind skilled gatekeepers. Unless the telemarketer makes an effort to identify the person she is speaking with, she might be delivering her pitch to someone who is trained to turn down marketing calls, rendering her time and effort entirely useless. You might think something like this is easily avoidable, but it is common when marketers hire telemarketers who are accustomed to calling b2C sales leads, since every call they make leads them directly to the decision maker.

3. Not researching enough about the person to be called.

Researching about your target b2b sales leads is such an easy task to do, thanks to the internet and social media. Don’t let your telemarketers make the mistake of not knowing anything about their leads. Knowing what your leads do for a living, how long their company has been established, how even how many employees they employ, can be easily gleaned from Google if you give yourself enough time. Not only will having these data on hand help your marketing people make the telemarketing campaign more targeted, but it also helps speed up the telemarketing call which be greatly appreciated by your busy b2b sales leads.

4. Not giving an introduction.

You’d think no one would commit this mistake anymore, but they still do happen. This is common when the telemarketing calls are not regularly screened by quality analysts. The telemarketer may forget to give his name, the company he works for or represents, or the entire introduction!