Insurance Companies at Lowest End of Customer Satisfaction Quality – 9/1/12

Customer Satisfaction Quality in Georgia – Insurance Companies at Lowest End

Insurance Companies at Lowest End of Customer Satisfaction QualityThe FINANCIAL — Insurance, meat and dairy production are at the lowest end of customer satisfaction quality in Georgia.

The results were revealed by research of the Institute for Polling and Marketing (IPM) after questioning 1,000 citizens. Banking, mobile and cleaning industries achieved the highest scores.  “According to our enquiry the banking sector has one of the most developed levels regarding the satisfaction of consumers. That said however, the estimated rate of this sector is still quite low,” Keti Javakhishvili, IPM, told The FINANCIAL.

According to Javakhishvili the most problematic situation is in the insurance sector. “This may be related to the rapid increase in the number of customers and incorrect and insufficient explanation of the principles,” she said.

The survey incorporated ten different industries, incorporating the following: the banking industry, mobile operators, non-mobile phone operators, cable broadcasting, internet providers, meat production, dairy production, cleaning services, public transport and insurance companies.

In the process of sector selection IPM tried to choose the organizations that are delivering services to the largest number of customers. The level of the quality of these companies can easily be measured by the satisfaction of their consumers.

“We wanted to investigate and reveal where certain consumer rights are being violated and make this information public. We aimed to deliver this information to companies in order for them to achieve further improvement,” Javakhishvili said.

“Customer satisfaction in Georgia is at a sufficient level for consumers to buy products. Those businesses that do not satisfy consumer demand enough to persuade them to buy their products quickly end up going out of the game. There are many businesses in Georgia which have been operating on the market for many years. We can conclude from this that they are more or less able to maintain a satisfactory level of customer satisfaction,” said Nikoloz Abuashvili, Marketing Specialist, Free University.

Abuashvili said that in his opinion the banking sector has the lowest level of customer satisfaction.

“Everyone has faced some problems with service quality and lodged their dissatisfaction, even staff have expressed their concerns, however the problems have not been solved. Service personnel are not motivated to inform management about existing problems. As a result of that we get dissatisfied customers who go to other place to spend their money,” he said.

Abuashvili said that the general director is the person most responsible for customer satisfaction. The responsibility is shared by the whole staff, although team management carries a bigger obligation.

“Customer enquiry is the most common method for determining the level of customer satisfaction worldwide. However the efficiency of the method is another issue. Perhaps the best test of customer satisfaction is whether they regularly buy products. The sooner management is able to get information about customer satisfaction the more effective it will be,” he said.

Javakhishvili, IPM, said that the company regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys and carries out technology improvement with respect to its base demand. In the process of investigating and using inquiry standards it is important to fully know the services industry in order to supply clients with complete information about the sector. “More specifically, to explain that the company can carry out their own research and establish that the customer satisfaction level is X,  although it will be difficult to say how good or bad it is if we do not have full information about the sector’s customer satisfaction in general,” she said.

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