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JD Power 2012 Wireless Performance Study – 7/31/12

 Google-Backed 23andMe Asks FDA - 7/31/12

Google-Backed 23andMe Asks FDA – 7/31/12

Google-Backed 23andMe Asks FDA to Clear DNA Evaluation Service 23andMe Inc., the Google Inc.-backed DNA analysis company co-founded by Anne Wojcicki, sought U.S. regulatory approval for a genetic testing service that may help people assess their risk for developing cancer and Alzheimer’s. The submission with the Food and Drug Administration will cover seven tests, which […]

Facebook sets record low for customer satisfaction - 7/31/12

Facebook sets record low for customer satisfaction – 7/31/12

Facebook sets record low for customer satisfaction, report says It’s not only Facebook shareholders who are unhappy with the social media company. The 800-pound gorilla of social media has set a record-low score for customer satisfaction among social media websites, none of which is doing a great job of pleasing users, according to a new […]

iPhone 5 Really Looks Like, Apple May Be Screwed - 7/31/12

iPhone 5 Really Looks Like, Apple May Be Screwed – 7/31/12

If The iPhone 5 Really Looks Like This, Apple May Be Screwed… Over the past few days, the latest round of purported pictures of Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5 have hit the web.And I can’t be the only potential customer who is deflated by what they see. In fact, I’ll go far enough to say that, […]


All Hail the Generalist – 7/28/12

All Hail the Generalist We have become a society of specialists. Business thinkers point to “domain expertise” as an enduring source of advantage in today’s competitive environment. The logic is straightforward: learn more about your function, acquire “expert” status, and you’ll go further in your career. But what if this approach is no longer valid? […]

Satisfied Customers - 7/28/12

Satisfied Customers – 7/28/12

Satisfied Customers, Investor Rewards The evidence that customer satisfaction deserves full consideration as a key metric for understanding, managing and anticipating the performance of today’s global oilfield suppliers continues to mount. Satisfied Customers, Investor Rewards Recently completed analysis indicates the strongest ties yet (statistical significance levels are now well over 95%) between publicly traded oilfield […]

Facebook Struggling With Mobile Advertising - 7/28/12

Facebook Struggling With Mobile Advertising – 7/28/12

Facebook’s Not the Only One Struggling With Mobile Advertising   Considering all the attention it gets, mobile advertising is still a pipsqueak in the industry, accounting for just $1.6 billion globally in 2011. Compare that to the overall $498 billion global ad market and you might wonder what all the fuss is about. Even newspaper […]

NSA chief: Internet 'at great risk' - 7/28/12

NSA chief: Internet ‘at great risk’ – 7/28/12

NSA chief: Internet ‘at great risk,’ needs defense system   General Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency, addressed an audience at the Defcon hacking conference in Las Vegas Friday, saying the Internet needed fundamental defenses against foreign incursion. It’s the first time an NSA official has spoken at the world-famous conference, where the […]

Biggest Hacks of 2012 - 7/28/12

Biggest Hacks of 2012 – 7/28/12

The Biggest Hacks of 2012 — So Far Cybercriminals and hackers had a big year in 2011, taking on everyone from Sony and the authentication-token maker RSA to the CIA and even a notorious Mexican drug cartel. During the Arab Spring, the headline-hounding hackers in the LulzSec and Anonymous groups showed just how vulnerable anyone’s […]

On CFPB's First Birthday, Watchdog Is Still Vulnerable - 7/24/12

On CFPB’s First Birthday, Watchdog Is Still Vulnerable – 7/24/12

On CFPB’s First Birthday, Watchdog Is Still Vulnerable To Possible Dodd-Frank Repeal   The CFPB is the brainchild of Harvard Law School Professor Elizabeth Warren, who now is the Democratic challenger against U.S. Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will have its first birthday on Saturday, but we’re only cautiously celebrating. […]


Insights of 5 Future Trends in E-commerce – 7/24/12

Insights of 5 Future Trends in E-commerce and The Coping Strategies According to reports, Litle & Co., a payments intelligence and processing platform, is going to establish a more efficient and profitable relationship between consumers and their favorite digital brands, which may promote e-commerce to a series of changes. The number of online shoppers keeps […]


Emergency calls dropped – 7/24/12

Emergency calls dropped at ISP Du Quoin call center Gov. Pat Quinn’s Illinois State Police communications consolidation reportedly hit a snag Monday when phone lines were “up and down” all day in Du Quoin. The chief steward for American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees telecommunications workers at Du Quoin, Cathy Bencini, said calls […]

Optimizing Facebook - 7/24/12

Optimizing Facebook – 7/24/12

Optimizing Facebook Engagement: The Timing of Posts   In this next of our series on Facebook Engagement we look at what times of day and week major brands are getting the best results from their Facebook posts. Facebook users consume most content from their stream, and a typical stream is a rapidly moving feast. Perhaps […]


Mystery shoppers proposed for Houston airports – 7/13/12

Mystery shoppers proposed for Houston airports   As airports evolve from bland transportation terminals to lively and lucrative shopping environments, the Houston Airport System wants to try something that’s become common in retailing:  mystery shoppers.   Stroll through the terminals at Houston airports and you’ll pass some of the same attractions that draw crowds to […]


2012 Airline Satisfaction Study – 7/13/12

2012 JD Power Airline Satisfaction Study Although low-cost carriers continue to lead the way in improving passenger satisfaction, traditional carriers still struggle to meet travelers’ expectations, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 North America Airline Satisfaction StudySM released today. The study finds that after two years of consecutive industry improvements, overall passenger satisfaction […]

20 worst phones and tablets - 7/13/12

20 worst phones and tablets – 7/13/12

The 20 worst-named phones and tablets These days it’s just not good enough to give your phone or tablet an unassuming name like the RX-5050 or M3420e. Instead, mobile device makers spend their days masterminding memorable monikers that are supposed to generate buzz. More often, though, they cause static or confusion. Here are the very […]

Are Your Product Lines Profitable? - 7/13/12

Are Your Product Lines Profitable? – 7/13/12

Are Your Product Lines Profitable? When you think of Dell, what immediately comes to mind is a highly successful company that is the world’s number three provider of desktop and notebook PCs. But the company also offers a wide range of servers, switches, software and peripherals, as well as a full portfolio of services including […]

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing - 7/13/12

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing – 7/13/12

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing As the world grows more and more digital, it’s going to take a while for people to adapt to the idea of stuff being less and less real – or, rather, less physically real. Virtual things are just as real in a lot of ways, but you can’t squeeze […]

Globalization and the Changing Face of Manufacturing - 7/13/12

Globalization and the Changing Face of Manufacturing – 7/13/12

Globalization and the Changing Face of Manufacturing When it comes to the state of manufacturing in the U.S., Mike Newkirk likes to quote hockey great Wayne Gretzky who said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Newkirk, Director of Industry and Supply Chain Solutions at SAS, uses […]


SEO, A Local Approach for National Results – 7/13/12

If you are planning to improve your website rankings on the Internet, you are more than likely considering an investment in search engine optimization. These days, SEO consulting services are the most important investment a company can make. When your website is expertly optimized, you can get a high ROI and long term ranking results that help you grow your company’s revenues online. If you truly want the best service provider, it’s about the easiest decision you can make. An firm’s ability can be tested every day and in real time. For example, if you are searching for an SEO firm in a metro area like Kansas City, simply type in Google: SEO Kansas City. Any company that appears on the first page did not get there by accident. You’ll always get the best SEO results from consulting firms that fight to build and maintain their own rankings.


Understanding Social Media Marketing In 2012 And Google Panda / Penguin Updates 7/13/12

It is so difficult to keep up with social media marketing in 2012, so much so that even experts are throwing in the towel. Your goal should be, if you want to succeed in business, to maintain a mindset that is proactive and preventative in order to survive. A successful mindset is another way of saying this. The walls should not crash down on you before you do this! Your approach should be to be prepared, and handle all changes speedily and with tact. In a way, it is sort of like chess, where the major players in social media are constantly changing the pieces and rules around. They want innovation and change to route through them, the global monopolist in the social media game.


Subscribers for Your Newsletter – 7/13/12

If your goal is to boost the number of subscribers to your newsletter, then you need to think of new ways to do things. If you limit yourself, you can’t expect to grow. In order to make things happen and actually keep a consistent flow of subscribers to your newsletter, you should take extra initiative. To help you increase your newsletter subscriber numbers, so fairly simple tips that can be easily applied are given in the article below…


Five Steps to Create Your Future – 7/13/12

Or is the future just a place you will happen upon?


Sales 101 – 7/13/12

I remember it vividly. I was starting out in sales over twenty years ago, and was in a customer meeting with my manager. We had just finished going over our proposal with the CIO and his team. Then, in the most casual and professional way, my manager leaned over and looked into the eyes of the CIO and asked “now that we have shown you how our solution will work in your environment, and demonstrated the real savings your company will realize, will you be able to sign our agreement this month?” He then smiled politely, sat back, and waited in silence for an answer.


Customer Satisfaction Links to Stock Returns – 7/6/12

CFI Group: Research Links Customer Satisfaction to Stock Returns Top Companies on American Customer Satisfaction Index and National Customer Satisfaction Index UK Outperform Market LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to research from the University of Michigan, customer satisfaction is directly linked to stock market performance. Companies with high scores on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and the […]


Districts miss teacher evaluation deadline – 7/3/12

Many districts miss teacher evaluation deadline, risk aid ALBANY — Fewer than a quarter of the state’s school districts met a July 1 deadline to submit teacher and principal evaluation agreements to the state Department of Education, as required by an amended law passed this year. Of New York’s roughly 700 districts, 164 had submitted […]


Verizon laying off nearly 950 Jobs – 7/3/12

Verizon laying off nearly 950 at Texas call center HOUSTON (AP) — Verizon Wireless has notified Texas employment officials that it plans to close a call center in Houston and cut nearly 950 jobs. Verizon filed a notice with the Texas Workforce Commission saying it had given 943 workers at the customer service call center […]


Retail Industry Ranked Worst – 7/3/12

Retail Industry Ranked Worst in Website Vulnerability It’s an honor that retail would probably just as soon be bestowed on another industry: Retail was 2011’s worst-performing industry in website security, with retail sites suffering an average of 121 serious vulnerabilities each, according to the 12th annual Website Security Statistics Report from WhiteHat Security, released last […]