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Are You Committing These Time Management Mistakes

It is obvious that time management is one of those areas that even though you know it is essential, often you will be annoyed by how little you seem to have accomplished on specific days. Once in a while, you feel overwhelmed and not able to get anything completed due to situations that take away from your tasks. Nonetheless, you can find people who are very productive in spite of all of the obstacles that get thrown at them. The key to their success is they are able to avoid most of the stumbling blocks that the majority of people fall into and as a result they will get more completed in less time. We are going to focus on some of the things that people have to deal with when it comes to time management.

The first habit that would cause you problems is wanting to finish all the easy tasks first before dealing with more important issues. The reason you may do this is because a certain issue may involve a difficult situation such as addressing an unsatisfied customer. However, if you leave it stewing on the stove, you won’t be productive during the day since it is weighing heavy on your mind. It is extremely important that you push yourself to do those crucial tasks straight away and keep a checklist or diary system to ensure completion. You should have much better focus and energy at the outset of your day so you should be able to have the brain power to fix any major problem which comes your way.

The next area that can cause you troubles when managing your time is if you are accepting too much work and as a result you become overwhelmed. An excellent skill to master so that you could deal with much more responsibility is delegation. It can be easy to want to do it all, but the more you do, the less productive you’re going to be. A sign that this is happening to you is if you see you’re working longer hours yet getting nowhere. If you insist upon the importance of your time to other people, they will respect it and not dump projects on you.

Procrastination is one of the most popular pitfalls you’ll encounter in managing your time and in reality, this is a mindset problem that you should overcome. If you wish to stop it, you will need to look at what is stopping you from doing what you must do promptly. As an example, you may be afraid to make a mistake but not taking any action may be even worse. If you study highly successful people they are typically extremely action oriented and make decisions easily. They understand that mistakes could happen in any decision but the results are better than not taking action at all. Try to model this behavior and find out if this gives you better outcomes.

If you make the effort to avoid these mistakes, then you are going to become much more productive and more skilled at time management.