Other of Interest 6/15/12

How to Find Offline Customers and Clients

There is no rule that says you have to market your internet business solely on the internet. If building a profitable and legitimate business is your goal then you will need to expand outside of the internet. Sure it is cheaper to market your business using online methods (most of these methods are free!), but doing that means that you won’t ever truly reach your full business potential. Marketing your business offline increases your potential client base exponentially. As a marketer it is your duty to go to where ever the customers are located. So this means branching out to the offline market.

Turn your car into an ad on wheels. Don’t worry, you won’t be converting your car into a Red Bull-mobile; you won’t be changing your car’s appearance at all. Making a full conversion of your car to advertise your business can get you a lot of exposure but you need to think about if that something you really want to do. Say for instance, you don’t want to attach a display on the side of your car; then you can always make use of bumper stickers. Use the stickers to advertise your website and its URL. Window stickers work, too. With every sticker that you create you want to keep in mind that if it becomes a trend then you can have thousands of people who will want to display it on their cars; all while advertising for you.

Public transportation is a goldmine. You can where clothes or carry a bag that has your business printed on it. You can usually get this done at a local shop for a reasonable price. Most printing companies offer samples of their work in order for you to find out if you like their designs. Use these free samples to design a t-shirt or bag for your business and then wear it out in the world a few times a week or carry the bag with you once in a while instead of your regular purse or backpack. The more you “wear” your URL in the public the more eyes that will come across it and that means more visitors to your site.

Always have your business card with you. Someone you meet at a party or on the bus could be your next customer! Amazing things can happen when you strike up a conversation with the people around you. A discussion about the weather might lead to a sale! The same way you might distribute pens or key chains you can leave your business card in as many locations as you can think of.

The methods that I listed above don’t even scratch the surface of offline marketing. Offline advertising does not have to be limited to just a few venues. All it takes is some creativity to reach anyone in your market. There are people out there that don’t use computers to search but if you can get your URL in front of them with something interesting than even they will find their way to your site. Offline marketing should be one of your priorities considering the how much market share you can gain from simple techniques. Finding new traffic sources is one of the main components to consistent growth. Do you think that the million dollar marketer use only online methods?