Other of Interest 5/28/12

The Correct Way to Find New Readers for Your Blog

It doesn’t really matter what sort of blog you want to run or launch; if you do not have the right number of readers finding their ways in to your blog and who are actually interested in your content you aren’t going to find success. If you take a look around you will see that most of the popular blogs out there have one important thing in common: a loyal fan base of readers who stay updated and who interact with other readers and actually play their roles well. If you want your blog to be successful as well, you need to put in the effort to get more readers. In this article we are going to talk about a few easy to apply ideas that you can use to get a bigger and better readership for your blog.

Interviewing other bloggers in your niche is a great way to get high numbers of new readers who are actually interested in what you have to say. Even better, this could turn into a win-win situation mostly because the bloggers who are the subjects of your interview are highly likely to talk about your post on their own blogs as well as potentially linking to the work that you publish on your own site. This will help you to exchange the traffic with this other blog and at the same time provide real value to your readers at no cost.

Being an active participant in forums is a good way to gain leverage for your own blog because the people you engage with on forums are usually the same sort of people you can engage on your blog as well. Creating new and informative threads on blogs and simultaneously giving honest value to the other members in your forum can help make them curious about you and the approaches you take. This allows you to build relationships with the audience you’ve chosen to target and funnel those relationships into traffic for your site.

Networking is an essential element of successful blogging, and if you look around you’ll find that by talking about other big bloggers within your niche or by asking questions of them. Aim for the moderately successful bloggers instead of the super successful bloggers because the goal in this situation is to make use of the network that these bloggers have already created to help you get more readers to your own site. Aggression is not a good idea in this situation; subtlety is far better.

If you want to find sustainable and long term success, no matter which niche you want to target, is dependent upon your ability to create fabulous blog posts that actually matter and that offer dependable value to your readers. When you take necessary steps to get more visitors to your blog you won’t just get traffic, you’ll also be building your brand. The more focus you place on carving out space online for your blog and putting targeted effort into increasing your new reader flow, you’ll be able to create a more vibrant world that attracts new readers.