Other of Interest 5/28/12

Do Face-to-Face Sales and Marketing? Why Don’t All Business Owners?

Most businesses love the thought of getting new customers walking in the door every day and returning constantly for more of what they experienced the first time. However, most businesses don’t really understand what it takes to get that effect. Let’s look at the company called “10 Bellevue.” 10 Bellevue performs face-to-face sales and customer service for Fortune 500 companies. These companies hire 10 Bellevue to go out and meet their customers in person. Why do they do that? Three reasons: It increases brand loyalty, customer service, and quantity and quality of sales. I wouldn’t recommend hiring 10 Bellevue to do the sales for you, unless you have a pretty big budget, but you can sure take a lesson and go out and put a face to your company’s name! Whether you have a ton of customers (who may eventually leave) or you don’t have enough, meeting with folks will never harm your business.

Just think, if a potential customer got your flyer in the mail, would a good portion of them call you and express an interest? Would they just throw the flyer away, along with all of the other ‘junk mail?’ What are you doing that is different from your competition? Are you hopping on Photoshop to make a cool looking piece of marketing collateral? I would guarantee that your competitors are as well. 10 Bellevue is hired by giants of their industries to talk to customers. So, you should be able to do that for your company as well.

A lot of start-up companies struggle and really don’t turn a profit until their sixth year. If you are just starting your business, ask yourself if you would really like to struggle for that long? If you already have a great customer base and have a very high rate of customer retention, I would still urge you to expand your reach. Manageable growth is key but growth in itself is ideal. If you want to grow, you have to add additional services available to your customers, or you have to get more customers.

Most channels of sales and customer acquisition are being bogged down these days, according to 10 Bellevue, so their services are in high demand. Meaning, although business owners know that meeting with folks can be very beneficial, they choose to just get their name out there as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is never good enough. Customers have to be compelled to try your company’s services or products out. Who better to compel them than YOU?