Make Money Saying Thank You

As a business grows, sometimes business owners tend to forget the most important part of their business – the customers. The danger with this is that the business can become just another faceless unit that customers deal with. The average consumer does not become a repeat customer, so it can be really, really hard to encourage repeat purchases. This phenomenon is what makes grizzled old veterans of the business milieu would tell you that spending on marketing and advertisements to keep existing customers is much better than the seemingly Sisyphean act of trying to gain new customers.

To really keep your customers, you need to spend a day or two every month to make courtesy calls and thank your existing customers. Never mind if you aren’t planning to sell anything new – just some friendly small talk would do, about anything under the sun, or even just saying hi, hello. Most of the time your customers will be glad that you called out of nowhere just to drop by, see how everybody’s doing.

Thanking your customers is often a neglected gesture yet a very powerful sales tool. There are several instances where in a simple thank you to your customers will be very much appreciated.

First, when they make a purchase a simple thank you will be well appreciated. Thank customers for purchasing, but first, hearken back to the last time a department store staff member thanked you for your business. Think back to the last time these retailers showed gratitude for even taking a gander at the items for sale. A simple thank you could be a gift that keeps on giving if you think about what it means to your customers.

Second instance – when customers call you, often with their patience all but worn thin, to make a complaint. Some companies think – why would they thank a customer for complaining? Let ’em blow their steam, because once everybody’s simmered down, that complaint might actually be an opportunity in disguise, a chance for you to make necessary improvements.

Third would be when your customers call to refer you to other would-be buyers. A lot of companies earn a lot of revenue through referrals. Even failing to thank one customer for referring other people to your business could lead to a snowball effect, where they stop referring customers to you and ask others to do the same and give you the cold shoulder. This could be very detrimental to your business.

The last instance would be thanking your most dedicated customers for their business. It is imperative to thank your hardiest clients for their business. Unfortunately, there are a few businesses who couldn’t give more than a hoot about these people. They are people too, busy as they may be, and they deserve a little gratitude once in a while. Hence, you would want to thank them by sending a card or a note through the mail.

The number of ways in which you can express your thanks are innumerable. You can send an email, write a note or card or even thank them in person. We particularly find it nice and affordable to create a card and top it off with some words of gratitude, in your own penmanship, of course. Sure, the Internet has opened the floodgates for business, allowing you to reach out to anybody anywhere in the world for your customer base. Being a cut above everybody else matters, but you need not always rely on technology to do that, especially when it comes to thanking others. Thus, creating a nice and thought-out thank you card is something worth trying, even if it may sound difficult and sentimental – the warm fuzzies that follow will make your sacrifice worth it.

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