Tele-Depths / Surveys News 1/5/12

Survey: Windows Phone No. 1 in User Satisfaction

By Gladys Rama


In a survey of online smartphone user reviews, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform ranked first in customer satisfaction, despite being the least-reviewed.

The survey was conducted by market research firm Amplified Analytics. Out of a sample of 82,620 online customer reviews of smartphones published last year, the company focused on the 42 smartphones that were reviewed at least 100 times.

Smartphones based on Google’s open source Android platform were the most reviewed by far, representing 75 percent of all eligible smartphone reviews. Apple’s iOS platform was second with 17 percent of reviews. Rounding out the top five OSes were the BlackBerry OS (5 percent), Symbian (2 percent) and Windows Phone (1 percent).

The report attributed the preponderance of reviews for Android phones to “the availability of a large number of models from multiple brands.”

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Source: Amplified Analytics