Tele-Depths / Surveys News 1/12/12

Apple and Amazon top m-commerce customer satisfaction charts

by David Moth

During November and December ForeSee surveyed users of the top 40 US retailer sites by sales volume, and was able to collect statistically-reliable data for 16 of them.

With an average score of 76 across the 16 e-tailers, Apple (85) and Amazon (84) are the stand out performers, with Apple’s mobile offering actually registering higher user satisfaction than its normal web page.

Satisfaction scores are measured out of 100, but the study doesn’t differentiate between mobile sites and mobile apps – both are grouped together in the ‘mobile’ category.

E-commerce consultant Dan Barker said that these results are not surprising.

Apple owns a big chunk of the mobile market and has had a strong focus on it for many years. They will have a lot of data around what people do on their mobiles, and they own the app store, so it’s not surprising they are getting it right.”

He said that Amazon has also focused on usability and achieves high satisfaction scores by offering customers different experiences based on desktop or mobile access.

The average drop in satisfaction between web and mobile was three points, however Walmart’s mobile offering scored seven points lower than its web page and Avon’s scored eight points lower.

ForeSee said: “Unless companies improve their mobile shopping capabilities, this gap is likely to become a larger problem for companies as more of the population becomes mobile savvy and expectations for the mobile experience rise.”


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