Customer Service Evaluation News 1/15/12

Pacific Life Earns DALBAR Financial Intermediary Premier Service Award


BOSTON, MA — DALBAR announced today the 2011 winners of its annual Financial Intermediary Premier Service Award. Pacific Life was the only firm to emerge as a leader in the premier service provided to financial professionals in 2011.

For over two decades, DALBAR has conducted rigorous testing of service and each year identifies those firms that were found to be above their peers in service to financial professionals after a full year of comprehensive evaluation.

Important service attributes that differentiate Pacific Life from the industry at large include:

• Pacific Life understands that the relationship with the financial professionals who sell a significant volume of their product is of paramount importance. When financial professionals contact their premier service center, the personnel demonstrate a high level of professionalism, respect and solid rapport 99% of the time.

• Pacific Life premier service center personnel demonstrate a high level of proficiency in meeting their high volume producer’s needs in over 99% of the interactions.

“In today’s fiercely competitive financial services industry, creating a specialized call center unit for those financial professionals selling a high volume of your product goes a long way in solidifying these critically important relationships,” said Kathleen Whalen, Managing Director at DALBAR.


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