Marketing & Sales News 12/27/11

Small Businesses Adopt Vintage Sales Tactics To Target The Boomer Generation

Written by Resources for Entrepreneurs Staff

Today’s young sales force relies on selling techniques that alienate the generation with the highest disposable income.

There is no arguing with the fact that Baby Boomers have the highest disposable income of any generation in the U.S.

Sales Tactics to Target Baby Boomer Generation

But in many businesses, there is a growing disconnect between Baby Boomers and the prevailing sales tactics. With 80 million consumers in their ranks, can businesses afford to risk alienating Baby Boomers with tactics designed to appease the Gen Y sales force’s peers?

According to business development expert Ron Volper, Ph.D., today’s younger sales force frequently neglects boomers and leverages sales styles or practices that are more acceptable to Gen Y consumers (e.g. multi-tasker sales associates who perform other tasks on their smartphones during a transaction).

“There are subtle but important differences in our beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, and selling to us requires a different approach,” says Volper, a Boomer who authored Up Your Sales in a Down Market: 20 Strategies from Top Performing Salespeople to Win Over Cautious Customers.